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Galina Kenya introduces new wine brands in Kenya including Thr3 Monkeys

Galina Kenya, a distributer of wines and spirits, has introduced a mix of Spanish, Swedish, South African and Italian wines to cater for the growing demand for the alcoholic beverages in Kenya.

Galina Agencies has brought to the Kenyan market Thr3 Monkeys wine from Sweden, The Vinum wine from Italy, Mesta from Spain, De WetshofWomen-in-wine and Bushmanspad wines, which are all from South African wineries.

We are responding to the growing market for wines from consumers who are increasingly demanding a richer variety of brands coupled with quality and value_ Judy Ngene, Galina Kenya CEO.

“Kenyan wine consumers are becoming more sophisticated and are demanding premium brands. Additionally, there is a promising market comprising of consumers who are beginning to appreciate wines and for this segment we have introduced quality and affordable entry level brands,” said Judy.

The distributor has also introduced the Country Lane cream liqueur brand from the Netherlands.

Judy added that Galina Kenya has exclusive distributorship for all the above brands and recently partnered with Naivas Supermarkets to sell these brands at liquor stores located at the retailer’s Ciata Mall and Capital Centre branches. The distributor has a similar partnership with Chandarana Supermarkets.

With the growing urbanization in Kenya, there is rising popularity of home-based wine consumption set to spur growth in wine over the coming years. Strict enforcement of traffic rules on drink-driving and the increasing sense of autonomy amongst most urban dwellers continue to encourage home-based consumption, whilst steady widening of the consumer base and increased spending.


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