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International Cabernet Day it was

This year’s Cabernet day was celebrated in style worldwide on the 2nd of September 2021. Cabernet Sauvignon is undoubtedly the most popular grape known to many, even for those starting out with referral nicknames such as Cab and CabSauv. On a day like this, it’s worth reminding ourselves exactly why this grape is widely known and how it gets to populate approximately 800,000 acres of the entire earth. Cheers to that Mr. Cab.

At Muthaiga Country Club in Nairobi, there was an amusing display of wines set up for members and invited guests to celebrate the day. Suppliers stocked up ready to showcase their wines in the exclusive wine tasting event which also included cabernet blends with grapes such as pinotage, merlot and sangiovese. Among the attendees were enthusiasts and sommeliers; the likes of Samuel Ndichu, Victoria Munywoki, Ian Ndungu and other representatives from Domaine Kenya, Dion Wines East Africa and California Wines by Rose.

Lets remind ourselves about some fun ‘Cab‘ facts:

There is a white Cabernet Sauvignon?

As we all know, it is a red grape with thick black skins therefore you will expect high tanin in your wine. What you may not know is that it has a white relative – known as Cygne blanc. It is a cross between Cabernet Sauvignon and an unknown grape variety, best kept secret.

Pairs magnificently well with red meat

Mr. Cab undergoes a particular winemaking process that introduces oak in the fermentation or maturation stage. The oak (mainly French and American) helps soften the tannins and compliment the other existing flavours in the wine. As you would imagine, the oak-infused wine pairs just right with smoked steak; your favorite baberque (nyama choma), beef burgers and more. Try it out.

Originally from Bordeaux, France

It all started in Bordeaux, France’s wine capital. It is said that about 67,000 acres are dedicated to our grape of the day.

Cab Sauv is grown all over the world…these days

The grape is known to be adaptable to many climatic conditions, a hard knock if you may say. The list will shock you – Lebanon, Moldovia, Israel and China (Gobi Desert)!. Chile sits comfortably at the top as the second-largest producer of Cabernet Sauvignon after France.

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