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Making Amarula Part of Your 2022 Easter Celebrations

Easter is right around the corner…actually about three weeks away this year. With this simple recipe, we wanted to prepare you with a delightful mix to spark your celebrations:

Amarula Eggnog

  1. 90ml Amarula
  2. 1 tea spoon Vanilla
  3. A pinch of Nutmeg
  4. 4 cups of milk
  5. A pinch of Cinnamon
  6. Grated Nutmeg for garnishing
  7. 7 Eggs
  8. 1/4 sugar cup
  9. 30 ml Van Ryn’s Distillers Reserve 12 Year Old Brandy


Crack the eggs and pour contents in a bowl. Add the sugar and beat the mixture until the sugar completely dissolves.

Add the milk and mix thoroughly and then heat the mixture on a somewhat small flame, the mix should start to thicken at this point. If the mixture begins to boil, take off the heat immediately. Add the nutmeg and cinnamon and mix again and then place in the fridge to cool. Once the mixture has cooled down, mix the amarula and Van Run and garnish with grated nutmeg.

Amarula is a cream liquor you can find in leading supermarkets such as Chandarana, Naivas and Quickmart. Be sure to check with any leading liquor store near your area.

When done, it should look like this – Enjoy!

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