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Omah Lay Startles Kenyans at Nairobi’s Pizza & Wine Festival

After going through about two postponements, the much-anticipated Pizza and Wine Festival went down at Royal Gardenia Gardens on the 30th October up to the next day with celebrated Nigerian artiste Omah Lay headlining the event. Its been a long time coming for Kenyans who haven’t witnessed an event of this magnitude since the arrival of the ill-fated virus.

Fans from all over the country flocked Kiambu road, some opting to spend over at a friends place nearby to make sure they don’t miss out. This conveniently follows the lifting of the curfew making it easy for those attending to enjoy the action – including opening acts from a set of local Djs and artists. Here is the list of artists that took the stage:

  • Mr Seed
  • BenSoul
  • Banana Overdose
  • Lil Maina
  • Karun
  • Nikita Kering
  • Nviiri The Storyteller
  • Willis Raburu
  • Omah Lay

An acute observation we made was that there wasn’t much wine or pizza at the event. Wines of the World (WOW) graced the event being the only exclusive wine exhibitor while Pepino’s pizza was the only pizza brand available. These types of events usually have many providers of wines and pizza especially when held abroad and the next time we may like to enjoy many types of wines, pizza varieties, pairing tips and wine education. Maybe we can contact the organisers and give them this feedback.

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