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Rémy Martin and Kenyan artist King Kaka team up to celebrate more music & cognac

Rémy Martin has announced their continued collaboration with rapper and poet King Kaka to celebrate music and cognac with the launch of his latest EP titled Happy Hour. As the artist was crafting the masterpiece, King Kaka reflected on his desire to provide more meaning and purpose to his fans.

Kenyans have witnessed his consistency and seen him evolve as an artist, poet, and a prolific businessman. The artist relates this type of growth to the journey of Rémy Martin – with the cognac brand’s move to partner with established artists willing to experience new cultures and deeper appreciation for artistry. Earlier in the year, Rémy Martin announced a new partnership with renowned RNB singer Usher creating a consumer film highlighting the cultural connection between Cognac and music since 1917 in France, and the two have been synonymous ever since.

King Kaka has been a part of the Rémy Martin family since his first campaign One Life/Live Them in 2018, sharing his personal story of being driven to triumph through his many diverse skills. In 2020, he appeared in Team Up For Excellence, a celebration of those behind his success.

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