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Socialising Safely – Awesome Wine Picnics

In a slow, gradual manner, our lives are moving back to a sense of normality. We have come a long way – overlooking playgrounds and empty fields from our balcony windows to unlearning or learning to focus on simple domestic pleasures or maybe think outside the box.

With the curfew lifted, many have rushed back to their usual spots to ‘catch up’ on some lost time. There are many ways you can enjoy the times ahead including picnics. In Kenya, these are one of those underrated activities yet we forget the simple mechanics involved. It has all the moving parts to make a safe, manageable, intimate and fun event. This is where we introduce to you Rahab Mwangi.

The ‘Women Who Wine’ founder is a seasoned wine enthusiast and host among other things wine-related. What would strike you about Rahab is her ability to entertain and at the same time educate anyone on difficult wine technicalities with a smile on her face. Interestingly, she has grown her following more during the pandemic than any other year according to her. The wine lover introduced ‘Wine With Rahab’ picnics with a strategic partnership with the Liquor Library brand which recently opened its doors to their second establishment in Tigoni (near Limuru).

Rahab seems to notice something magical about setting up wine picnics while her guests occasionally gaze into the vast green tea plains. “This is my second wine picnic this year and these types of events are becoming a big thing for wine lover communities in Nairobi…what’s better than being outdoors in lush green gardens, dressing up, sipping some wine and indulging in some charcuterie,” she said adding that her goal is to make the picnics a monthly event. Check out these amazing pictures and maybe next time you can plan to attend one of them. Cool?

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