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Thanksgiving Wine Paring Tips

For those tracking and counting down days to the festivities, it is time to celebrate. Living past the pandemic gives us a bigger reason to make a toast and reflect – for those in the Americas, Canada, Grenada and Liberia it is time for Thanksgiving.

25th November 2021 is fast approaching and we felt the need to give our readers some tips on wine and food pairings! When it comes to enjoying wine and food on Thanksgiving, an important thing you want avoid is a pairing disaster. Here are three quick tips:

Try and match – [Weight of the wine = Weight of the food]

Weight in wine relates to the presence of alcohol, for which you would tend to use words describing the varying degrees of body in a wine: light-bodied, medium-bodied, full-bodied, weighty, and so on. This is why a Beaujolais or Pinot Noir can taste great with a delicate white fish or turkey. The body and mouthfeel of a wine should be in alignment with the food. This will help prevent you from worrying if you should follow the old standard of having a red wine with red meat or white wines with fish when you prefer to drink something else.

Your wine should be sweeter than your dessert

Sweet red wines will work with deeper flavors, while sweet whites marry with delicate fruity desserts. Try Ruby Port with a chocolatey dessert or an aged Tawny Port with a pumpkin or pecan pie. An Ice Wine or a Tokaj from Hungary is tremendous with a fruit tart. As we develop our palate for dry wines, we tend to overlook sweet wines when the moment calls for it. If your wine does not have the right amount of residual sugar to stand up to the dessert you are enjoying, the wine will taste harsh and thin.

Rose’ wine & fresh herbs/vegetables

Green veggies and assorted herbs can make red wines harsh while white wines can get lost in the strength of certain bitter greens. Look toward some rose wines which will give you the requisite fruitiness and acidity needed to bring these foods together. In a salad with dressing is involved, a rose wine will provide additional texture to offset the vinegar and sharpness of the dressing.


On the Thanksgiving table, there is usually a lot going on. Centerpieces like turkey and ham have unique flavor profiles that are rich, salty, and ever-so-slightly sweet. Then there is the stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy, and if you decide to localise it the Kenyan way – Sukuma wiki, Chapati, Ugali, Mukimo and also goat meat may find its way on the menu. So on this special day, use wine that can pull everything together; we recommend to using fruity wines.

Try Beaujolais which is a wine full of fruitiness with an added touch of spicy herbs and minerals. This wine also provides a backbone of acidity and tannin to cleanse your palate between your tasty bites.

Other reds to consider are Pinot Noir, Zinfandel and for the ones who need extra spicie, Shiraz/Sirah . White wine lovers should seek aromatic wines like Pinot Gris, Riesling, or even Pinot Grigio.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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