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The Best Wine is an Expression of Culture – Social Media is a Catalyst

This saying may be true especially when you observe some historic wine-producing regions and countries – France, Spain, Argentina, and more. However, when we reflect on the new-age wine regions such as America’s California or Australia – major decisions that determine the grapes, methods and styles of the wine is often influenced by individual entrepreneurial and commercial interests. In most cases there is limited community involvement and the culture is therefore difficult to trace or, if need be, preserve.

The internet and more so, social media have connected people around the world bringing them closer together. In the wine world, this has also created new wine cultures especially when we see growers and producers who were formerly isolated in the fields now finding their way on YouTube to educate people on terroir and wine making basics.

Beautiful image of Italian wine plains

These online communities offer the most value because the contributors are able to share thoughts, ideas and ask questions. They can discuss solutions regardless of how far apart they might be in the world. A syrah producer in New Zealand can get together ideas and cover various issues they face in a weekly podcast and also talk business with friends in Napa Valley. The opportunities are limitless.

What is really gained by all this communication? well, answers to questions, guidance are exchanged in real time which may result certain elements of improvements being seen almost twice as fast. Like-minded cultural groups form in this way directly influencing the types of wines made. An important thins to note is that the element of culture is the most significant difference between Old World and New World winemaking regions. Although old world winemaking still influences the new form its most basic ways, the distinctive line between them may be growing thinner with the cultural influences of the internet and rising need to consider commercial interests of winemakers in general.

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