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The Wine Tumbler – Perfect for Road Trips

With all that’s happening around us – the excessive sanitising and masks literally glued to our faces (ladies we know your not having it here), this may have slightly altered our social interactions altogether. We are now carefully leaning towards carefully planned social-distanced outdoor hangouts like picnics, backyard pool parties, bonfires and of course….safari rally is back!

What does this mean for the hustlers’ nation eyeing to make a buck in whatever that is trending? The wine tumbler could have a new home in your backpack, really. You see an outdoor wine glass means you and your crew can conveniently enjoy your preferred wine (or harder stuff) at an arm’s length over the coming months — no matter what kind of post-quarantine hang you’ve got planned.

An example of an acrylic glass wine tumbler stylishly glittered to one’s liking

When we say the word ‘tumbler’, most Kenyans may switch to the red regulars popularised by local musician Mejja; however with different styles made from acrylic glass, hard plastic, unbreakable silicone, and insulated stainless steel, the options for keeping your wine fresh, chilled, and contained are plenty.

A ‘healthy’ alternative when outdoors

Most of the wine tumblers available in the market are flat-based making it very difficult to tip over when indulging. Over and above that, most are fitted with a lid and a slide-lock, so it’s spill-proof. Generally of you are the cautious type, especially if you are partying somewhere chancy, the seal can ensure no one adds something into your drink. You may want the wine you just got served chilled as it looked from the wine bottle it came from…well, some wine tumblers have a silver coating on the inner side preventing heat transfer just like a normal flask.

Check out these amazing designs:

Where to get them

There are many places to get them, mainly abroad like Amazon, Alibaba and the sorts. We also acknowledge some local wine accessories suppliers in Kenya who can get you some of these lovely tumblers such as Wine Gallery Kenya, Cellar Accesories, Vitu Zote, Jumia, Cauldron branding and Purpink shop.

With a second thought, how about using this little addition to your outdoor fashion collection – it definitely tops up the look! – a pink dress, pink wine tumbler?

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