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Wine – My best friend in Coronavirus Quarantine

Don’t be sad…Wine is here.

Kenya is in the midst of a global pandemic, the Covid-19 coronavirus. Making the announcement at Harambee House, Nairobi, President Uhuru Kenyatta confirmed that two new cases of the coronavirus have been confirmed in the country, bringing the total to three. According to South China Morning Post, the deadly coronavirus has so far infected about 162,000 people and led to 6,400 deaths worldwide still counting.

President Uhuru Kenyatta addressing the Nation as he announced new updates on the dreaded Covid-19 coronavirus in Harambee House, Nairobi on 15th March 2020

In view of the new developments, the Government of Kenya has suspended all travel for persons coming into Kenya from countries with reported Covid-19 cases. Moreover, additional measures will be enforced in the coming days including the immediate closure of all learning institutions, more adoption of cashless transactions, and the main kicker…”Citizens are encouraged to avoid congregating at places of worship, weddings, funerals and places of entertainment“.

So, what to do? Most Kenyans know exactly what to do in times like this; this influx of spare time warrants some special kind of “quarantined-parte-after-parte”. Like what we are seeing in Italy, a DJ perched and set-up outside a balcony playing a mix to other residents quarantined in adjucent apartments, we can definitely expect this…

DJ Perched in his balcony playing music to fans in quarantine across his apartment, Itally March 2020

Wine kills Coronavirus?

Just like the infamous Diamond Princess , Kenya may in turn transform to a large quarantined ship with its hilarious and comical citizens try to lift its ‘passengers’ spirits with come-we-stay happy times and random parties. According to a 2019 report dubbed ‘Effect of Kenya’s Alcohol Regulation Policies”, consumption of alcohol that includes beer, spirits and wines accounts for 56 per cent of the drinking population and at least 12 out of every 100 Kenyans drink alcohol. When the President announces a national holiday, the clubs, local bars become energetic and loud. Nairobi in particular has some of Africa’s best nightlife, with varied scenes that encompass live music, DJ fused dance music and much more. This can go on for days on end until the impromptu holiday ends.

This time, not everyone is amused by this quarantined situation.

Bar owners, who say they are already feeling the pinch of the coronavirus, say this is going to be the worst Easter they have ever seen. Lots of beers, spirits and wine will still be consumed but not in-premise but in house parties, dinners and limited gatherings.

Captured Caption showing the latest coronavirus updates as at 16th March 2020. SCMP Youtube Live Stream.

Those ‘trapped’ in the ‘quarantined ship’ will definitely be taking their experiences to social media… of course… and we at The Wine Story hope to hear of the new and exciting stories of Kenyans at home enjoying their good times with their new best friend, wine.

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