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Wines of South Africa (WOSA) Celebrates 50 Years of Cap Classique with Mombasa Wine Enthusiasts

South Africa is still celebrating 50 special years of Cap Classique, an extended wave of jollification that commenced two months back. Powered by the generous folks at WOSA, Mombasa residents gathered at the fancy Serena Beach Resort where an exclusive wine tasting overlooking the Indian Ocean took place. The local organisers of the event deemed it necessary to hold an in-person interactive session to help sensitise the category to Kenyans. “The Coastal markets are now looking up and Cap Classique should be known to all… I have been approached many times to push this particular drink along the Kenyan Coast”, said Wanjiru Mureithi who is the official WOSA ambassador in the country.

Through MCC (for Methode Cap Classique which is the name given to the winemaking process), the bubbly represents South Africa’s most vibrant wine category which bears its roots from the traditional French process of making Champagne. The name references the Cape (Cap) while also having a dual meaning as the closure for the secondary ferment in the bottle. Most producers refer to their style as Cap Classique, though MCC is considered a snappy and easy-to-recall name that is distinctly South African.

Matome Mbatha, Marketing Manager at WOSA (Wines of South Africa) for Emerging African Markets & Americas, tastes some wine at a stand.

Guests could be seen streaming in, timing it all for the perfect sundowner. They included Mombasa wine retailers, stockists, hoteliers, and residents who came across the event banner online. Among the importers and distributors were Devries Africa, Domaine Kenya, Mia Wines, Galina Kenya, WOW and more. All it took was a free-flow swoop across the stands and a beautiful lady would pour you a glass while at the same time educate you on the Cap Classique basics.

To mark the importance of the meticulous process involved in making the drink, CCPA (Cap Classique Producers Association) have embarked on a new marketing campaign dubbed ‘Perfected by Time’ with an aim to emphasise the quality standards that winemakers in this category adhere to. “After 50 years of producing Cap Classique, we felt it was necessary to share this information with traders, importers, consumers and media that South Africa has value offering at that a high level such as Champagne”, added Matome Mbatha, Marketing Manager at WOSA.

Check out some images of the event:

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