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WORLD: Russia Passes new Label Law Affecting all Champagne Wines

Signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, a new law on wine labels could see all champagne wine makers exporting to Russia print the word ‘Sparkling wine’ on all back labels depriving them from using the prestigious ‘Champaigne’ name.

Distraught leaders of the Comité Champagne said it was ‘scandalous’ that Russia’s new label law forbid them from using the translation ‘shampanskoye’ on the back of bottles. According to Decanter.com, Moët Hennessy Russia informed its sales partners about the evolution of local legislation regarding the addition of the term “sparkling wine” to Champagne labels. Further to this, temporary suspension of deliveries resulted in regards to the new regulation.

Champagne already enjoys protected name status in the EU and several non-EU countries, and the Comité Champagne has a track record of strongly defending its producers from any possible infringement. French foreign trade minister Franck Riester said on Twitter that he was keeping track of the new Russian law and its possible implications. ‘Let there be no doubt: we will unfailingly support our producers and French excellence,’ he added.

For Direct Release: World, courtesy of Decanter.com

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