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WORLD: Survey reveals UK prefers smaller wine glasses due to health reasons

The trend for extra large wine goblets may finally be coming to an end, at least in the UK to be specific. For the longest time, wine glasses have just been increasing in size but researches attached to John Lewis (a high-end department megastore based in the UK) found that sales of small glasses (250ml or less) have risen 13 per cent in the past 12 months.

In the local pups, the shift is evident too with many now offering 125ml as their standard serving rather than the typical 175ml. The switch back to smaller rations may be an informed decision by Brits to prioritise their health and wellbeing. This follows as a BMJ report found that the average size of a wine glass had increased sixfold from 70ml in 1700 to 450ml in 2017. The average size jumped from 180ml in 1950 to 300ml in 2000 (50years in between) as wine became more affordable.

About wine being more affordable, just take a stroll in any Sainsbury’s supermarket and look out for wines with price tags as low as £4, with a Vivino rating as high as 80.

For the most part, one should fill a wine glass to its widest part, between a third and half-full. A larger majority tend to drink more when served wine in larger glasses in restaurants and clubs, with a focus on Kenya through an observation study conducted by The Wine Story. Moreover, we also found out that this likelihood increased when people poured their own wine servings.

All the while, it is advisable to exercise responsible drinking practices especially as we dive into the festivities and learn to respect wine for what it is – an alcoholic beverage best enjoyed over dinner or social gatherings.

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Source: Daily Mail, BMJ Global Health, John Lewis.

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